This has been frustrating. I mean, yes there is some point to getting through the worst part of being sick when there's really no point in going outside anyway. But this hung on and hung on, and here it is 40-mumble hours since the snow stopped falling, and I haven't been well enough to get out and shovel. [ profile] montuos has been a real trooper, doing what she could over the past couple of days. Nevertheless it's going to take a serious effort before we can break through the plow berm and be able take the car places.

At least the big Katsucon meetings hadn't been scheduled for this *past* Saturday.

The Capital Weather Gang dubbed this storm "Snowzilla". That's a good name for the second-biggest storm ever at IAD, and the all-time record setter in: Baltimore, Harrisburg, Allentown/Bethlehem, New York (LGA), and New York (JFK). The storm Maxwell-Smart-ed the record for Central Park in NYC, coming up a tenth of an inch shy of tying the record.

This is the 23rd winter we've spent in this house. The winters have not been *uniformly* horrid ever since we moved in, but a lot of the worst winter weather ever in Chantilly has happened in that time:

1993-94: We shoulda known that the Christmas Night ice storm was a bad portent. We left Glen Allen VA a little after 8:00 that evening. We got home OVER NINE HOURS later. Not going into further details here. A few weeks later, MLK Day marked the beginning of the worst winter I've ever had to endure.

1995-96: The "13th Night/14th Night" Blizzard of '96 is still the third biggest snowfall on record at Dulles.

2000-01: A top-20 storm dropped about 11 inches on us, though I'm not recalling the exact date too well.

2002-03: The Presidents' Day 2003 Storm is still number five on the all-time Dulles list.

2006-07: The Valentine's Day Ice Storm that hit us was sandwiched between a major snow event to the north, and tornadoes to the south. Lots of people still remember Interstate 78 getting blocked by trucks that couldn't make it up a hill, and at one point ALL east-west Interstates in Pennsylvania were closed east of Harrisburg. I know, I was trying to get across PA at the time.

2007-08: the Just Before Valentine's Day Ice Storm closed quite a lot of roads in Northern Virginia.

2009-10: The snowiest *winter* on record at Dulles, which included the Pre-Christmas Snowpocalypse (number 6 all-time), the Son of Snowpocalypse aka Snowmageddon (still the all time champion at 32.4 inches), and after only 2 days respite from Snowmageddon, Bride of the Son of Snowpocalypse aka Snoverkill (number 12). But that wasn't all -- the latter two storms were numbers THREE and FOUR out of FIVE storms that hit between 30 January and 15 February.

2010-11: Memories of hacking my way out of our driveway a few times in January and February, and needing to park the minivan on the street in Allentown because of the plow berm blocking the driveway, which took me all weekend to get rid of.

2011-12: My memoerable winter weather from this season was actually up in the NYC metro area, as we were up there for both Snowtober and the January storm.

2013-14: Yet another Valentine's Day storm, this one dropping over 13 inches on Dulles for spot number ten on the current all-time list.

2015-16: See above.



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